Торт без випічки з печивом і сиром Шалаш
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Cake without baking cookies and cottage cheese

Shalash is a simple recipe for a quick and tasty cake

Cake without baking is now in trend. It is easy to cook and eats very quickly. You can add any fruit to taste, as well as jam and marmalade. You can dilute cottage cheese with sour cream or add condensed milk to it. In general, the filling is prepared to taste.

Since the cake is not baked, it will not take you much time. All you need for it are sugar cookies and cottage cheese. And a bar of chocolate, if you do not want to make icing yourself. . The surface is sprinkled with icing or melted chocolate.




  • 2 packs of sugar cookies (400 grams);
  • 0.5 cups of warm cow’s milk;
  • 0.5 cl of cheese;
  • sugar, vanilla sour cream – to taste.


The filling can be chosen to taste. If you have heavy sour cream or cream, you can beat them with cheese to make a delicious cream. If you do not have homemade eggs, you do not need to add them. The cake is not baked, so it is best to prevent salmonella, which may be in purchased eggs.


How to make a cake without baking with cookies and cottage cheese Shalash


On a foil we spread out cookies on five pieces hardly along all sheet. Cookies should be soaked in warm milk, then it will soak more. If there is no milk, you can soak the cookies in sweet coffee or cocoa. Then it will acquire a new taste.


Apply the filling on top of the cookies.

Important! The filling should not reach the edges by about 2 cm.


After the filling, lay another layer of cookies. If you want to add jam and fruit, you can do it now. Spread everything in the middle of the filling.


Wrap the Shalash cake with both hands under the foil, making a triangle.


Top with chocolate or icing and place in the refrigerator to solidify. As soon as the icing hardens, you can eat a cake without baking Shalash from cookies and cheese.


Bon appetit from mom at home!

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