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ягодный десерт без выпечки
Curd dishes

Strawberry no-bake dessert with yogurt

Strawberry no-bake dessert with yogurt For a berry dessert, you only need 4 products, you don’t need to bake, and the taste will be excellent. You can take strawberries, pitted or pitted cherries, blueberries, blackberries, or any other sweet berries. How many berries you need for dessert is up to you. Ingredients for 1 serving: …

прості пиріжки з куркою та грибами

Simple chicken and mushroom patties

Simple unleavened chicken and mushroom pies Quick and tasty pies with chicken and mushrooms. The dough is ready in 5 minutes, but it takes about 30 minutes for it to stand. You can take any stuffing that you like. We have not cooked them with handles yet, but it is worth a try. Ingredients 200 …

how to make the most delicious sushi - the right rice recipe
Recipes sushi

How to cook the rice for sushi

How to cook rice for sushi – the right rice recipe How to cook the rice for sushi? You can boil sushi rice in just 30 minutes. It turns out crumbly, sticky and very tasty. After I learned this recipe, I cook rice not only for sushi, but also for other dishes. For example, in …

Cakes Cream recipes

Sand baskets with protein cream

Bowls with protein cream Of course, today you can buy beautiful baskets with custard or butter cream in any pastry shop. But believe me, cooked at home according to this recipe, they will be much more tender, tastier and better than in the store. Not a single dye and preservative, always fresh, and at minimal …

Десерт Анны Павловой классический рецепт с фото

Delicate dessert Anna Pavlova classic, how to cook

Classic dessert Pavlova Recipe Cookies-and-Cream Pavlova One of the most delicate desserts, Pavlova’s mini-dessert, will decorate any table. It should cause difficulties in cooking. the main thing is to do it right and plant beautiful even meringues that are filled with cream. Do you need Anna Pavlova for meringue? 200 g sugar powder; 100 g …

Крем Пломбир на молоке
Cream recipes

Cream ice cream with milk

Cream ice cream with milk – a simple and easy recipe One of the most popular recipes on the Mama Doma website is ice cream with sour cream. But since not everyone can eat sour cream, but at the same time consume milk, we have prepared a recipe for ice cream with milk. It is …

Хлеб из цельнозерновой муки быстрый рецепт

Homemade bread without kneading

A quick and easy recipe for yeast bread Swiss bread recipe that does not need to be kneaded. And for baking you don’t need a bread maker, and at home there will always be fresh, crisp bread for breakfast. Yes Yes. it happens. We are all accustomed to the fact that the yeast dough should …


Cooking fast cauliflower

Cauliflower – how we eat, what we cook, how much benefit This beauty can be on your table as a main course, side dish, and even snacks. And all because its taste is less pronounced than that of other types of cabbage, which helps to place accents in combination with other products of the recipe …