Baked meatloaf in bacon

Bacon meatloaf

Baked meatloaf in bacon – bacon meatloaf

Very tasty meatloaf wrapped into bacone. The dish is cooked in the oven for an hour and you need 15 minutes for block the stuffing and chop the greens. Process is shown in video.


1. 12 bacon slices.
2. 600 gr stuffing (I have a pork) and 100 gr lard.
3. Dry garlic + cilantro, parsley
You need spread out the bacon on it lay out the stuffing and cover it with bacon.


Before you put in the oven for the first half hour, you need to grease the bacon with the sauce:
1 spoon of mustard (honey-lemon is better) soy sauce.
After half an hour, smear the roll with the rest of the sauce again.
Cut into slices and serve portions.


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