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Cakes Cream recipes

Sand baskets with protein cream

Bowls with protein cream Of course, today you can buy beautiful baskets with custard or butter cream in any pastry shop. But believe me, cooked at home according to this recipe, they will be much more tender, tastier and better than in the store. Not a single dye and preservative, always fresh, and at minimal …

Десерт Анны Павловой классический рецепт с фото

Delicate dessert Anna Pavlova classic, how to cook

Classic dessert Pavlova Recipe Cookies-and-Cream Pavlova One of the most delicate desserts, Pavlova’s mini-dessert, will decorate any table. It should cause difficulties in cooking. the main thing is to do it right and plant beautiful even meringues that are filled with cream. Do you need Anna Pavlova for meringue? 200 g sugar powder; 100 g …